Visar konstnärlig digital teknik i någon form för att gestalta uppgiften

In 2 minds over the idea of using a blog as a tool for my own planning and execution of a project?! I understand the use of a very simple blog to inspire, guide, instruct and use as a platform for reflection – in relation to teaching. I guess the blog should be used as a metaphor for ‘other social media’ outlets or communication channels. Used as a simile, I’d be comparing two things (which I’m not) rather than the vast amount of platforms available to teachers and students alike. At present I’m using: – – – – – –

Obviously google is the big winner here with plenty of options once a school has decided to use ‘google classroom’ as a tool. Then you can obviously use mail, docs, slides, drawings, sheets, forms and so on, to suit your needs in and out of the classroom.


Utforma en pedagogisk planering – porträtt projekt – idéerna och länkar till kursplanen är oändliga


En reaktion på ”Visar konstnärlig digital teknik i någon form för att gestalta uppgiften

  1. edit: Reflection…

    After reading over my comments I quite like the idea of the simplicity of a class blog. This could work best if it was ‘subject based’ and also if there were no other obvious platforms for the students to use.



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